I’m Nick Stamas. I’m a designer, developer, entrepeneur, writer, photographer and magician. I grew up in Florida and live in Manhattan with my wife and daughter. I’ve been in the city for nearly a decade now. It’s crowded and noisy but I love it.

I don’t have a fancy website because I’d rather spend time making other stuff. But here’s a short list of professional accomplishments I’m proud of.

I’m a principle designer at Candid. Candid gives people more confidence by helping them fix their teeth. Previously I’ve built things for WeWork and Meetup and Dispatch. Dispatch was a startup I founded and sold to Meetup. I designed and coded an iOS app called Basic Weather. It‘s been featured by Apple (a few times) and has a 4.6 star rating across 700 reviews. I created WeWork's Plasma design system. I’ve written things about design like Four Beeps, The trap of design Onanism and Sketching a better app for photographers.

Currently I’m documenting my journey designing and building an app as a side project. The app is for photographers who want to make better photos (Over Instagram). I‘m also starting a fitness community in NYC called Lumberjacked.

Say hi on Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble and Github.